Capturing amazing event photos

One of the most important but overlooked parts of being a CARES Team is getting pictures at events. If you have been a CARES Team for any amount of time, you have probably gotten to the end of an event and thought, “Oh no, we didn’t get any pictures!” 

Why pictures are important

Pictures tell a story so much better than words can. We can SAY that we had an amazing brunch event and hosted 80 people and everyone had a great time. Or we can SHOW groups of smiling faces taking part in the event and having a great time! 

Tips and Tricks

  • Take pictures with people in them – We love to see pictures of your epic decorations, but make sure you also snap pictures that capture “community in action.” 
  • Ask before you click – Most people are ok and will even give you a great smile, but you want to make sure you have someone's permission to take their picture.
  • Utilize your volunteers (or children) – Ask one of your volunteers at each event to be the event photographer. This will usually result in some pretty phenomenal pics and frees you up to do what you are there to do, which is connect with your neighbors. If you have children old enough to trust with your phone, task one of them to be your event photographer. 
  • Have your camera or phone readily accessible.
  • Make it a priority – Don’t just expect the other team member to take them. Both team members must go into each event with pictures being a priority. 
  • Don’t forget to post your photos on social media! Tag them with #CARESteam so the rest of our community can see and share your photos.

During an event, the last thing on your mind when you are filling ice chests, flipping pancakes, or connecting with residents is taking pictures, but afterward, you will be so glad you did. We LOVE seeing community in action, and we love to find ways to share the amazing things happening on your property!

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