CARES Communities - Interactive Property Map

We get asked all the time, "Is there an apartment community near me with a CARES Team?" Well, now it's easy for folks to find out which properties near them have a team when they're shopping for a new apartment.

Here's why we hope you'll tell everybody you know:

  • We know the CARES program is a game changer for an apartment community. And every time we send someone to sign a lease BECAUSE there's a CARES Team onsite, we are making the program more valuable in the eyes of that property manager. Every time someone uses our site to find an apartment, we notify that property manager so the referral came through CARES.
  • Folks who love the CARES program are going to attend your events. You're going to get to love on them, and who knows - they might be your best volunteers.
  • Speaking of volunteers - there might be friends or people at your church who want to be a regular volunteer. They may love the idea of CARES, but aren't ready to sign up to be a team. Yet. Send them this site and they can find a property and come alongside a team (maybe you?) to help out.
  • We're secretly hoping that folks who LOVE serving alongside CARES Teams will eventually follow God's call to BECOME a CARES Team. So yeah... now you know our ultimate plan. Would you help us spread the word?

Here's how the site works:

And as an added bonus (we sure LOVE bonuses), anybody who signs a lease because of our site (following the steps above) will receive a $75 move-in gift!

So help us spread the word! The site is And thank you AGAIN for being our megaphone, our cheerleader, and such amazing servants.