January Event Ideas

Stumped about what to put on your January calendar? We've got a few ideas for you!

General Observances

  • National Mentoring Month 
  • National Glaucoma Awareness 
  • Cervical Health Awareness Month 
  • National Blood Donor Month 
  • Thyroid Awareness Month 
  • Birth Defects Prevention Month


National Blood Donor Month 

Believe it or not, only 3 of every 100 Americans donate blood. Contact your local Red Cross to host a blood drive at your community. Hang red balloons and other red-colored decorations to help attract attention to your event.


January 3: Clean Your Home Day

The new year is a perfect time for getting rid of the junk in your home. Set up a station in your clubhouse with cleaning supplies, paper towels, and shredders for residents to use or rent. Also, have a list of Christmas tree recycling sites, a bin for donated items, and possibly a Christmas decor drop where people can leave Christmas decorations they no longer want (could be used for next years CARES holiday event). January is also "Get Organized Month" so you could roll this theme into your event.

First Week of January: New Years Resolution Week

What a perfect time to help residents meet their goals for the new year! Since fitness is often a part of that, how about hosting an event that includes a weight-loss challenge that continues for the first three months of the year. Or, put on a health fair where residents have an opportunity to have weight and body fat checked. Get local health vendors to attend, including professionals from clinics, personal trainers, fitness instructors, mobile health units, etc. Or, use this week to begin a walking club, yoga class or biking club with your residents.

We have some event flyers that might be helpful for New Years Resolutions: Couch to 5K, weight loss challenge, organize a group to run a 5K, a speed dating event, and an Unwanted Gift Exchange.


January 8: Elvis Presley’s Birthday (1935)

On this day in 1935 “The King” was born. Offer one of Elvis’s favorite meals, a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich. Might sound disgusting but it’s actually quite tasty. Head over to Costco and pick up some sliced bread, bananas, peanut butter, and bacon. This will have residents saying, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”


January 10: National “Cut Your Energy Costs” Day

Invite a representative from an energy company to come to your property and host a seminar, offering tips and information on making their homes more energy efficient and green. Allow the rep to hand out his/her card, but don’t make any onsite sales or pressure attendees to sign up with the provider. Your management may also be able to host a class like this as well.


January 23: National Pie Day

Yeah, so we admit, it was National Pie Day in December, too. But you can never have enough pie, and Google swears the "official" date is both dates. So pick your favorite! Host a dessert night and make or buy a variety of pies for residents to sample. Or, make it a contest or potluck and have residents bring their favorites as well. Be sure and have vanilla ice cream on hand to accompany lonely pie slices.


January 24: National Compliment Day

The Bible says we should “encourage one another daily.” Complimenting someone is a great way to do this. Though this may not necessarily be an event on your CARES calendar, make it your goal to compliment 20 different people today. Include residents, apartment staff, co-workers, etc. As you practice building people up, you will be encouraged by the reaction you get from others as they “feel the love." Remember to be sincere about your compliments as people can tell when you aren’t being genuine.


January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day

This one is simple. Head over to your nearest local bakery or even grocery store and purchase a giant chocolate cake. Purchase plates, forks, and napkins and set the cake out in the main office. See if the bakery will be willing to put your logo or community name on the top of the cake for free.


January 28: Coupon Day

This would be a great time to have a class or activity where residents learn how to “shop smart” by using coupons and circulars to find the best deals and save money. There are programs, such as The Grocery Game, that will send representatives out to teach a class for a nominal fee. Other helpful websites include Boodle and Smart Source

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