December Event Ideas

As you plan your December calendar, keep these events in mind!

General Observances

  • Universal Human Rights Month
  • Safe Toys and Gifts Month

December 1: National Pie Day

Could there be a better excuse for a dessert night?! Work with a local bakery, and ask for a discount when buying multiple pies. Or, try your hand at baking several different types. This is also a great way to get your church involved. Have members of your church (women’s group, moms’ group, singles ministry, etc.) each donate a pie for your event. You could even do a pie baking contest and have residents vote on their favorites... or do a pie-eating contest… either way, have a prize for the winner! Be sure to have milk and coffee on hand.

PS - There's also a National Pie Day on January 23. We don't know why there are two, but really, do we ever need an excuse to eat pie? No, we don't.


DECEMBER 5: Walt Disney’s Birthday

Host a Disney movie watching night for the kids… or the adults! There are so many Disney movies to choose from. Everything from The Jungle Book to Pirates of the Caribbean. If you have the budget or know a talented friend, hire a cartoonist or caricature artist to sketch pictures of the attendees. 


DECEMBER 10: Emily Dickinson's birthday (1830)

 Hold a creative writing class or host a poetry contest among your residents to honor this famous poet's birthday. Or, host a Kid's Club and have children write and illustrate their own books. You can also use this as an opportunity to start a book club at your property. 


DECEMBER 13: National Cocoa Day

Hand out hot cocoa at the mailbox or at the entrance of your property. This is a great way to get exposure to several residents. 


DECEMBER 16: Boston Tea Party occurred (1773)

Host your own tea party, with different types of teas and biscuits. 


DECEMBER 20: It's a Wonderful Life premieres (1946)

Rent the movie and host an early holiday party. Or, have the movie playing on the T.V. in your clubhouse while you host a gift wrapping event for residents. 


DECEMBER 21: First Crossword Puzzle (1913)

Host a game night and have a crossword puzzle contest. Make several copies of the New York Times crossword puzzle and see who can solve it first. Or, Puzzle Maker allows you to create your own crossword puzzle. Just list your words and the puzzlemaker does the rest. If appropriate, have a less difficult puzzle available for children. For children's crossword puzzles, check out this site

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