Resident Appreciation Week (or Day)

Two flyer options: Resident Appreciation WEEK / Resident Appreciation DAY

Our Mid-Atlantic CARES Teams were brainstorming some AWESOME ideas for Resident Appreciation Week that can be easy/less time consuming so the week isn't as overwhelming - hope these ideas are helpful! (thanks Mid-Atlantic teams!)

From John: Try partnering with your leasing staff to see if they will host one of the events so you don't have to do all of them. Also food trucks are relatively "easy" events (set-up/ tear-down wise) and go over well. We start our resident appreciation week with Breakfast on the Go on Monday morning as a way to kick off the week. We also have a lot of pets in our community so I try to do one pet-centered event (pet portraits, mobile grooming, etc).

From Rebecca: Food trucks. Things that you can set up in the office and let the staff monitor if they are okay with that... Breakfast, gourmet coffee bar, a gift wrapping station in December, or a hot cocoa bar.

From Mindy: One day could be very simple by having cookies, brownies, and hot cocoa mix available in the clubhouse.

From Jackie: We did this one year and had several events that ran themselves. We did a hot cocoa bar that lasted all day. We set it up in the morning, and I stopped by two or three times just to make sure it was replenished but the leasing staff helped with that throughout the day. Another day we had about seven vases of flowers throughout the clubhouse filled with flowers. Each flower had a little note tied onto it with a ribbon that said something clever like "you are my sunshine", or "aren't you a daisy." Residents could stop by at any point and pick out a flower for themselves or a neighbor.

From Kristen: I would do a food truck one day and plan an offsite event where you negotiate drink and appetizer specials for residents that they can go enjoy. That way you can go and just enjoy the night with them

From Andrea: $5 pizza to go nights are easy and residents love that too! We also tried to get it worked out for a free laundry day for our residents with pre-loaded cards.

What are your other favorite go-to events for Resident Appreciation Week? Share in the comments below!

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