Welcome to the new blog!

Everybody loves a good transformation. Especially us. Which is why we're SUPER excited to show you our brand new Idea Blog for CARES Teams! Let us show you a few features:

Are you planning a Christmas event? Need something for pets? Or maybe you're planning a breakfast? We offer TWO ways to search for events:

1. See the Archive drop-down menu on the right side of your screen? Click on it and you can see all of the categories for our events. Simply click on Pets and it will take you to a list of every pet-friendly event we have. 

2. See the Search box right below the Archive menu? It allows you to search for any keyword in any post we've ever published. If you're too busy to actually scroll down (because you're a CARES Team, which means you're automatically pretty busy), then simply type in a keyword and it will bring you to a list of all relevant posts. Go ahead... give it a try. Type in Christmas and see what happens!

We have more than 150 event flyers and ideas on this site. However, every community has its own personality and its own unique needs. If you need more event ideas, as well as recipes, decoration tutorials, or just some general inspiration, check out our Pinterest page by going to the very top of this page and clicking on the CARES Pinterest link. We've got high budget ideas, low budget ideas, and ideas that will make you want to drop everything and find a chalkboard to decorate. Pssst - We know how our Mid-Atlantic teams LOVE a good chalkboard!

Want to see us do a happy dance? Just leave us a comment after a post. We LOVE to hear feedback from you! Want to submit an event idea? Just tell us in a comment! Or, maybe you've already done a similar event and want to share some advice from someone who has been there, done that. This is your chance! Or, maybe you just want to leave us some hugs and warm fuzzy feelings. We'll take that too. 

Comments are the best way to get in touch with us for anything event related. So comment away!

We've got more than just event flyers over here! We've also got live feeds of our Instagram and Twitter accounts (both are @aptlife - go follow and use the hashtag #caresteam to see your fellow teams in action), and links to our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Basically, we value relationships - so let's stay connected! Social media is also one of the main ways we recruit new CARES Teams - so if you will share our stuff on your own account, you can help us serve more apartment communities who desperately need teams to show intentional LOVE to their residents.

Basically, this blog is for YOU. Our awesome CARES Teams, servants, lovers of neighbors, community builders, hosts and hostesses, and people who just want to show God's love to others. We hope this can be one of many tools to help make your job easier and more of a joy. We appreciate you and the sacrifices you make, the love you show to others, and the way you serve. Bless you. 

-Your Apartment Life Family