March Event Ideas

Stumped about what to put on your January calendar? We've got a few ideas for you

General Observances

  • Women's History Month
  • National Nutrition Month (You could use this flyer or host a cooking class)
  • Save Your Vision Month
  • Workplace Eye Wellness Month
  • Colorectal Cancer Awareness (sorry... no flyer for this... you're on your own!)

March 2: Dr. Seuss' Birthday

This would be a perfect time for a kids event. Host a Dr. Seuss book reading (of course, we've got a flyer for that) and choose your favorite story. Or, do a movie night and watch The Cat in the Hat. Serve brightly colored snacks and give food and drinks silly or rhyming names: Pop your Top popcorn, Mouse in the House cheese sandwiches, Crooked Cooked cookies, etc. 

March 7: Monopoly Invented (1933)

Host a game night in honor of this classic game. Just make sure you have plenty of time to play and enough board games for several groups to play at the same time. Or, introduce other board and card games to the game night and allow independent play. Have simple snacks that are mobile for game players (party mix, nuts, popcorn, chips & dip, or even order pizzas). And you guessed it... we've got game night flyers here and here AND a Pinterest board!

March 9: Barbie's Birthday

She keeps having birthdays, but never gets any older. What's Barbie's secret?

Barbie's birthday is a great excuse to host a mother-daughter night. Invite your guests to come in pajamas, bring Barbie dolls (or have some there already) and watch a Barbie Princess movie. Have partyware (cups, plates, napkins) that feature Barbie and give away Barbie prizes. Or, for another special little girls' night, try our Princess Party.


March 14: Pi Day

Pi day celebrates the magical number of 3.14159... Pi Day can be celebrated by everyone from the smartest math wiz to your average Joe. But the best part is, it's a great excuse to eat PIE! Pick up some pies from your local grocery store or have residents do a bake off. If you have extra time, head over to the baking goods section and pick up tubes of frosting and write 3.14 on each pie. 

March 17: St. Patrick's Day

Host a party and serve green food and green drinks, or serve traditional Irish fare. Be sure to wear green and encourage residents to do the same. Hide a paper four-leaf clover somewhere and give a prize to the "lucky" resident who finds it. We've got more tips for planning your St. Patrick's Day party here.

March 20: First Day of Spring

Celebrate this day by hosting an outdoor activity if the weather permits. Or, have a spring-themed coloring, painting or art day for the kids. Since March is also Youth Art Month, see if your management will allow the entries to be hung (in nice frames) in the office to feature your resident artists! We've got decoration and party ideas here, and TONS spring flyers here.

March 27: Easter

Easter provides such a rich opportunity to host fun events that can also spur on conversations. We've got tons of ideas and flyers to choose from here, as well as a Pinterest board.

March 29: Coca-Cola Invented (1886)

Celebrate this favorite drink by handing out cokes at the mailbox or at the gate. Offer a variety of the kinds(regular, diet, cherry) and hand out the cans (or the vintage glass bottles) to people passing by. You can even let them know it's Coke's birthday and hand out a fun fact sheet on the popular drink. We've got a flyer for this - and fun fact, this is one of our very FIRST CARES event flyers to create. You know, back in the dark ages of 2012...

Still need more event ideas? Check out our Pinterest boards and see if anything jumps out at you! And, don't forget to idea share with your fellow CARES Teams on your regional Facebook pages. We're stronger when we collaborate together!

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