CARES Team Spotlight: Breakfast on the Go

North Texas CARES Team member Katherine wrote: "Breakfast on the Go is such a great event for connecting with many residents, meeting new neighbors, and making people smile! It's also fairly easy to put together. We packed the bags the night before. One kid told Brian that he had a 'rough morning, but the donuts made his day better.' The residents always love this event, and we love blessing their mornings."

Our CARES Teams do a LOT of breakfast events, and we've got a LOT of breakfast flyers on our blog. Here's a whole list of them - check 'em out!

And of course, we love adding to our growing collection of editable flyers, so we've got a new one ready to go:

This flyer is available with editable event details, or, if you want to use it for a totally DIFFERENT event and want to spend a little time on design, we are offering a totally blank version.

And of course, we've got more ideas over on our Pinterest page - including an entire board of Breakfast on the Go ideas! Now, excuse me while I go make myself a breakfast burrito - all this designing is making me hungry!

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