Sweat it Out Saturday

Kim & Ashley, the CARES Team at Woodfield Southpoint in Charleston, SC, hosted a "Sweat it Out Saturday" event that featured a workout class and smoothie bar that was a hit with the residents!

Your "Sweat it Out Saturday" event could feature sunrise yoga, bootcamp, a group run (set up a water station with granola bars and bananas at the half-way point), or just about any other activity that gets the heart pumping and your residents socializing - use your imagination! 

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In addition to this flyer, we also have a yoga flyer, a generic exercise flyer, zumba, volleyball tournament, and a Couch to 5K training program.

Is there any other athletic event we missed? You know we love to add new event ideas and flyers to the blog! Just leave a comment or post in your region's Facebook page with any sporty event flyer requests!

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