Let's prep for February, shall we?

February is right around the corner. We’ve gathered 10 ideas for resident events to save you time as you plan your calendar:

  1. American Heart Month: There are so many ways you can celebrate this month, from hosting a CPR training class (to find an instructor, call your hospital’s education department, or reach out to your local American Heart Association chapter), host a Couch to 5K training group, or sign your residents up for a local race (even better if you create shirts for your community). You can also host a healthy cooking class or invite a local fitness instructor for a heart-healthy training session.

  2. Black History Month: Check with your local museum to see if there’s an exhibit you can invite your residents to that features black history, or feature history from your town to help educate your residents. For more ways to celebrate, we found a resource here.

  3. Love Your Neighbor Month: Okay, we admit it… we made this one up. But what better time to show your residents some love than during the MONTH OF LOVE? You can use this as a resident appreciation event, or encourage residents to show neighbors love through an organized activity or contest.

  4. National Canned Food Month: Organize a canned food collection, and invite someone from your local food pantry to visit your residents and educate them about how they serve your community. Or, take your event on the road and help stock the shelves for them!

  5. Super Bowl Sunday (February 4): The possibilities for this event are endless, which is why we have created a Pinterest board for you. Super Bowl parties and Apartment Life go together like chips and salsa.

  6. National Pizza Day (February 9): As if we need an excuse to eat pizza? Host a special offsite gathering at a local pizza place and feature a pie named after your community. Or, host a Take & Bake Pizza Party… you provide the ingredients and pizza boxes, and help residents put together a dinner to go. Again - anything you can do to personalize your pizza or cocktail names to your community will add “sparkle” to your event. We’ve got lots of pizza ideas here.

  7. Valentine’s Day (February 14): You can host an event for adults, for kids, for singles, for just about anybody. We all need love, and this is a great chance to show love to your residents. We’ve got a full Pinterest board here.

  8. Love Your Pet Day (February 20): Here’s your chance to tie your Yappy Hour to a national holiday. Invite your mobile pet groomer, find a local pet boutique to donate goodies, and partner with other local vendors for the “human” treats.

  9. National Margarita Day (February 22): Again, we thought EVERY DAY was National Margarita Day? Bring on the tortilla chips, the guacamole bar, and create some signature margaritas named after your community or hometown attractions. Invite a mixologist to educate your residents, or pair it with a build your own taco bar. You can also offer “mocktails” for folks who prefer to avoid alcohol.

  10. Oscars Night (February 24): Awards shows are a lot more fun when you watch them as a group. Here’s a great time to connect your movie-loving residents and bond over shared movie tastes. We’ve got ideas here.

Need more ideas? Check out our Apartment Life Pinterest Boards, or click here for even more February holidays to celebrate. And, comment below to share YOUR awesome ideas with your fellow teams. Happy hosting!