Canva 101 | The App

Did you know Canva has an app? I (not a graphic designer even a little) gave it a try and whipped up this little un-calendar in about 10 minutes, all from my phone. It's pretty handy if you're on-the-go and need to put a calendar/flyer together! Here are some steps:


Step 1

Once you download the app, open it and search for a template. I used a collage template, switched out the images, and added text.


Step 2

Click on the template you want to use, and this screen pops up. Like it says, 'tap something to start editing.' I started with the title as you'll see below.


Step 3

After I changed the title, I clicked on the plus sign in the bottom right corner (above). Then, these options pop up. I started by adding my event text & switching out images.


Step 4

I selected the "text" option from the menu shown above and chose the one that says "BARE ORGANICS" in the text options.


Step 5

I selected "image" from step 3 to get to this screen. Then, selected "image" again and searched for "mexico" for my Cinco de Mayo event. I chose a free image. The images that cost money are denoted by the 1 next to the stack of coins.


Step 6

When you add the text, you can edit it with the options seen here - font, size, color, style, etc..


Step 7

I copy/pasted my whole text box so they would match for all three events. To do that, select the box/item you want to copy and click the three dots inside the circle icon in the top menu. Then, it pulls up these options. Ungroup will break up the top/bottom of the text box making them two seperate boxes. The next icon is the "copy" icon. I used this one! The next two icons change the "layers". They can put one item behind another, so it would put the text behind this image selected here.


Step 8

I updated the new text with my next event for the month and started searching for a mother's day image to use (see step 5).


Step 9

I added my third event photo/text. You can also resize the images by zooming in/out on your phone... like you do when using your camera (see below). 


Step 10

Make sure you have the text style, size, and color you want. Make sure everything is easy to read and you have the images just the way you want! Then click "share" in the top/right. You can share the design lots of ways: email, text, post, etc.


My final design!

Like I said... not a designer... but you get the idea :) Enjoy!

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