Canva 101 | The Un-Calendar

Ah... the power of the minimal un-calendar. Two words when it comes to Canva & un-calendars... magazine template. They're like un-calendar gold. Check out a few below made from Canva magazine templates by our very own Canva legend, Melody Stadler (one of our Florida program directors and also a cares team). All it takes to customize is swapping out some images, swapping out/adding some text, adding custom logos, and done!

Click on the photos below to go straight to the original Canva template and start customizing for free. You can also find a ton more un-calendar friendly templates here!

Here are our full Canva calendar & Canva event flyer tutorials and be sure to check out all of our Canva 101 posts in the "Canva 101" category. Happy designing!