Spice up your events with decorative vases


Flowers add so much color and personality to your events, but nobody has the budget for professional arrangements, and tackling them yourself can be intimidating. You don't have to spend a fortune to create a centerpiece that will wow your guests, if you follow a few tricks of the trade:




1. Use an interesting vase. Whether it's a pair of rain boots, a painted bottle, or a mason jar, choosing a vase that's out of the ordinary will automatically make your flowers look prettier. Look for household items you already have sitting around that you can repurpose for a party.




2. Instead of one large vase, use several small bud vases or bottles.  This allows you to take one large floral arrangement and spread it out among several tables, and makes even the most florally-challenged host able to knock out gorgeous centerpieces by simply adding one or two flowers per vase.




3. Wrap your vase in something that matches your theme. Washi tape is an expensive way to add color, or use twine and hot glue to create a neutral vase that you can use over and over. 

For more ideas on using decorative vases to spice up your parties, visit our Decorating Ideas page on Pinterest.


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