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Party Basics: Food Labels

Food labels are one of those little touches that can leave a big impression on your guests. It's like a topper on the cake - the cake is going to taste amazing, regardless of the decoration, but adding something really awesome to the top adds an element of "wow." Besides, in this age of food allergies and picky eaters, your guests want to know what it is they're eating. So let's kill two birds with one stone (note: We do not advocate killing birds... but we do advocate awesome parties.) and come up with some fun food labels.

 1. Butcher paper: We love butcher paper. Our CARES Teams love butcher paper. And every teacher in the history of the universe has loved butcher paper. You can order it by the roll on Amazon and use it again and again for your events. It fits just about every theme, and creates a fun, trendy feel to give that monthly pancake breakfast some extra sparkle.

2. Reusable picture frames: Frames are so versatile: You can paint the glass with chalkboard paint, or insert pretty scrapbook paper behind the glass and use a dry erase marker on the glass to label your food. Or, you can design and print your own labels on your home computer and simply slip them behind the frame. Purchase neutral frames that can fit with your many themes, or snag some from around the house and mix-and-match for an eclectic feel.

3. Clothes pins: They're inexpensive (my love language) and can add height and interest to your printed cards. And, the best part - you can use them over and over and OVER. You can spray paint them, bedazzle them, cover them in washi tape... there are so many great ways to dress them up, but even plain, your guests will love them.

Now... for the free stuff. I like free, don't you? Here are some free printable food labels from around the web!

And, as a special gift to our beloved CARES Teams, we have created some free printable food labels in two different sizes:

Food Labels - Fits 4x6 frame   |   Fits 5x7 frame

The bottom line: keep it simple, inexpensive, and re-usable. Happy labeling!

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