Super Bowl Party Ideas

You’re a party-planning pro, but even the pros need fresh ideas. We have created a Pinterest board for all your big game needs. That way you can have more time to do things like hanging out with your neighbors.

Football food is easy, and serving your snacks in something simple like a paper bag can change your color pallette and provide a natural element to an otherwise colorful party while also saving you money.

We know you’ve probably got a huge stash of chalkboards in your event closet - break them out for decorations, food labels, and photo booth props. If you’re not a great artist, there’s good news… those Xs and Os are easy enough for a kid to draw.

Butcher paper is another great way to add a football theme to your decor. Draw out your most strategic plays (or just make something up), along with labels for your food. It’s also a great place to add a reminder to your guests to hashtag all photos posted online.

Create an Instagram-worthy photo backdrop for your guests. If you search “photo booth backdrop” on Amazon, you’ll see hundreds of affordable options (we especially like this one). Be sure to encourage your guests to tag your property and use their designated hashtag, so that your awesome event can serve double-duty as a marketing tool. Your property manager will love you for it. And, don’t forget the photo props! They sell those on Amazon too.

And for your guests who aren’t exactly football fans, there’s always the commercials. We found printable bingo cards, and you can partner with local vendors to get prize donations.

Speaking of partnering with local vendors, don’t forget to ask for help! There are many local businesses looking to market to your residents, so invite them to provide catering, prizes, or another special aspect of your event (let them bring in a professional photo booth or bounce house).

We’ve got more ideas over on our Super Bowl Pinterest board. Happy hosting!

The Cooper River Bridge Run

bridge run fest am 1

Kristen & Brent are our CARES Team at The Boulevard in Charleston, SC. They recently hosted a couple of really neat events centered around a big, annual event that goes on in their community: The Cooper River Bridge Run. Here's the lowdown:

They hosted a morning event and an evening event!

bridge run fest am 2

The morning event included handing out water bottles, bananas, headbands, and shirts with their property's logo on them. It was a great marketing opportunity for their Greystar property because they handed out thousands of items with the property's logo. They also hired an '80s band (a big hit that scored the team and the property some time on the 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. news) to play while the runners were waiting for the race to start.

6:00 a.m. '80s dance party anyone?

bridge run fest am 3

Then, Kristen and Brent hosted a relaxing evening event on race day for runners and their families to enjoy on The Boulevard property. They had a low-country boil for dinner, complete with a small acoustic band (made up of people they knew). This was also another great marketing opportunity for the property (and CARES) because people could come in, see the property, and experience first-hand what CARES has to offer. Not to mention the biggest impact…

Getting to connect with tons of people from around the community!

bridge run fest night 3

How could you get more involved in your city's community? Is there an annual event that happens in your backyard or one that you could easily set up a tent/station at?

bridge run fest night

What about marketing for your apartment community by representing them? This Greystar Property Manager, Regional Manager, Senior Managing Director of Real Estate, and more "high-ups" really enjoyed this event. They gave public kudos for it and have asked that it happen more often!

Are you part of a current or former CARES Team who knows of someone who would make a wonderful CARES Team member? If so, you can REFER A FRIEND and be eligible for our referral bonus up to $200.

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