Love Your Neighbor by Doing a Random Act of Kindness


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Teach your neighbors how to love one another by promoting a Random Act of Kindness contest. They'll do it because it feels good, because it's fun, and because they just might win a prize. Who knows, you might create a movement.

Encourage your residents to perform a random act of kindness and then come back to a central area in your community to fill out a form stating what they did. You can post those forms on a bulletin board or feature them in another form of communication - from social media to an email newsletter - the sky is the limit.

Be sure to check with your property manager for your prize budget - it doesn't have to be a discount on rent, it could be something as small as a gift basket or a cake. What matters is that you celebrate kindness in your neighborhood. Love your neighbor!

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Flyers You can choose among THREE different options for flyers:  (1) a color, full-page flyer, (2) a color, half-page flyer, or (3) a black and white half-page flyer. We hope that these half-page options will help you save on printing costs.