Pop Up Shops

Pop Up Shop

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Some people call it Pop Up Shops, others may call it a Vendor Fair. Whatever you call it, this event is sure to be a hit with your residents... and your budget.

Invite local vendors to set up a table by the pool, in the lobby, on the rooftop, or another high-traffic area. A few people to invite include:

  • Local boutiques and independent stores
  • Restaurants/food trucks (ask them to hand out free samples and/or drinks)
  • Independent sales people (Mary Kay, Nerium, Jamberry Nails, Thirty-One Bags, etc.)
  • Etsy Shops
  • Spa/Masseuse (chair massages)
  • Someone selling Girl Scout Cookies
  • Ask residents if they want to set up a table

You can provide booths for free, or you can charge and use that money to supplement your budget for other events. If you charge, work with your property manager about how they want to collect the money - all checks should be made out to the property and not to the CARES Team.

Require your vendors to provide a free give-away and hold drawings throughout the day as an extra incentive for people to visit your event.

Ask your restaurant vendors to provide drinks, or serve your own (maybe a lemonade stand).

Since this is a CARES Team staple, we want to hear from those of you who have hosted a similar event in the past. What's your best advice for first-timers? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

Flyers: We have created a half-page flyer that you can download here.

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