10 Holiday Idea Starters

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It's coming! Are you gearing up for the holiday season? If you're a CARES Team, you may already have your December calendar finalized, or you're right in the middle of planing. Either way, here are some holiday event ideas and fun things to incorporate into your BIG Christmas party from our blog and Pinterest boards:

1. A Very Merry Pinterest Christmas (fun flyer)

2. S'mores Bar (fun flyer)

3. Host a Duct Tape gift exchange or gift making event.

4. Add a holiday photo booth to any event (especially if Mr. Clause is involved).

5. Grown-Up Christmas Party (fun flyer)

6. Gift Wrapping Party (fun flyer)

7. Add a Build Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar to any event.

8. Deliver some Christmas themed random acts of kindness (in a mug) to residents & staff.

9. DIY gift-making event

10. Check out this list of several ideas to get your creative process started.

What other ideas do you have to share with fellow teams? What has worked well for you in the past... or not? We would love to hear, so leave your comments below.

Happy Holiday-ing!

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