5 Ways to Enhance Your Party With Butcher Paper

Things I love about butcher paper: It's cheap (a roll of 700+ feet will cost you about $35 and last you FOREVER), it's versatile, it's neutral, and it's trendy. It can allow you to add the kind of details that your guests will remember without hurting your budget OR taking a lot of time, and like my favorite pair of neutral heels, it can go from casual to fancy without any effort. Here's a quick list of the 5 Ways to Enhance Your Party With Butcher Paper:

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Butcher paper creates neutral runners that will make your tables look fuller while putting the spotlight on your place settings and centerpieces. Even something as simple as butcher paper + colorful disposable plates can make your guests feel spoiled. For centerpieces, look for items you already have lying around your apartment and just group them together down the middle.

place settings

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Instead of a traditional table runner, use butcher paper as a table cloth and then draw on your place settings. Black paper with white chalk mimics the look of a chalkboard (at a fraction of the price). You don't have to be a great artist to hand-draw your placemats - the trick is to place your dishes/glassware/silverware out so that your drawing adds a quirky "frame" to each place setting.

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We know you're always looking for creative gifts for your new neighbors or favorite manager - don't forget to wrap it well. You can repurpose that extra paper into gift wrap and pair with simple embellishments such as twine or leaves (don't let anybody see you snap off a few leaves from the landscape around you... shhh). Need more ideas for welcome gifts and manager gifts? Don't forget to subscribe to our Pinterest boards.

food table

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This is a trend we see all the time in our CARES Teams' instagram photos (check out #CARESteam for hundreds of event photos on Instagram, and don't forget to follow us @aptlife). Write your food labels directly on the table to take your event to the next level. We also love the idea of draping the paper over the side of the table and stenciling the menu (see Trail Mix Bar). With something as eye-catching as that, you don't have to invest in any more decorations!

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Your butcher paper can become the focus of your event. Whether you use it as an interactive feature by asking your guests to write their New Year's Resolutions, predict the winning team of a football game, or even leave an inspirational quote, your guests will love becoming part of the decoration. Butcher paper can also make for an easy photobooth background. If you're not an artist, find a volunteer to turn that backdrop into a unique work of art, and of course, post all of the photobooth pictures on your community's Facebook page. Or, create a fun activity for kids by using butcher paper as the canvas for their works of art. PS - adults like to make things too!

CARES Teams - what other ways have you used butcher paper to enhance an event? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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