A Huge Miniature Dinner Party

It's kind of all the rage at weddings and parties these days... the little things: details, sentimental things, finishing touches, and miniature food and drinks. I'm not sure what makes these little things so fun, but just about everyone loves mini-stuff! Maybe because it's adorable... maybe because it's easy to devour in one bite... maybe because it shows people what you truly value... whatever the reason, it's fun! Here are some idea starters to get your brain wrapped around throwing a huge miniature dinner party:

  • Miniature food! Our pinterest board for this event is packed with ideas and recipes to get you started. We would love for you to share with us the ideas for mini food you come up with on instagram by tagging us (@aptlife)!
  • Adorable mini drinks: tea in miniature mason jars, mini champagne flutes, mini beer mugs, miniature milk shakes, mini cocktails, mini soda...the list is, quite possibly, endless.
  • Mini decorations. Again, mason jars are a great way to incorporate mini things. You can find them tiny, too! Put sand/candles in them for a beach theme, or pack them full of baby's breath (a miniature flower), or hang them around your community's outdoor space for some added style.
  • Is there a restaurant or shop in your area that specializes in mini stuff? Call them up and invite them to cater your event, partner with you, hand out free samples, or provide guests with a drink menu if they specialize in specialty-mini-drinks.

We would love to see your mini party on Instagram... so don't forget to tag us (@aptlife).

Enjoy the little things!

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