A Real-Life CARES Team Event: Pinterest Party


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If you have a Pinterest account, you know that there are a million and 1 crafts on your wishlist. But setting aside time and energy can usually be roadblocks on your crafting journey. Throwing a Pinterest party sets aside time for your residents to conquer their dream crafts and not mess up their kitchen tables in the process.

Invite residents to bring the supplies for their long awaited craft and you'll provide the snacks. We suggest having a few simple projects to offer those without ideas or there just to mingle. If you'd rather, you can get creative and do cupcake decorating instead of crafts. Offer fun ways to play with icing and set up photo booths for their handiwork.

This does not have to be a women only event! Pinterest has kid & men friendly activities (and food is a universal language).

Shout out to Callie & Andrew, CARES Team at Chelsea 88 in Duluth, Georgia, for making the awesome flyer!

Check out our Pinterest board for craft and decor ideas!

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