A Sparkly New Year's Eve


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The clock is ticking down to midnight... where will YOU be? If your goal is to be hosting a New Year's Eve party with your favorite residents, we want to help you add some SPARKLE to your party!


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If it there's no photo, it didn't happen. Create a custom hashtag so folks can see everybody's images, or take them yourself and then upload them to your property's Facebook page or Instagram account. For your backdrop, there's no need to rent an expensive photo booth when you can easily make one yourself. We've got tons of tutorials and great ideas over on our Pinterest page.


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You've got to have some great late-night snacks for your guests, so why not make them so special that they also do double-duty as decor! Whether it's s'mores dipped in edible glitter, a grown-up version of milk and cookies, or a signature cocktail, bring some sophistication to your menu.


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Everybody has one thing on the brain on New Year's Eve (well, besides that midnight kiss!), and that's their New Year's Resolutions! Make the resolving part of the party - you can bring a simple white board or chalk board where guests can share their resolutions in the photo booth, or ask folks to share their resolutions on a giant piece of butcher paper (another great double-duty decoration!).


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Wherever you can, look for an excuse to add pops of sparkle, whether it's dipping your vases in glitter, handing out "midnight kisses" or handing out glow sticks. It's with the smallest touches that our CARES events are set apart from the rest. For more ideas, check out our New Year's Even Pinterest board.

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