Are You Ready For Some...


Those are some famous words right there, and in my mind, they are always accompanied by that infamous tune that defines the beginning of the season (and every game... every week).

Whether you're a die-hard fan, a fair-weather fan, or not even a little fan, you probably have some residents or friends that would love to get together for some good ol' game-watching! Food, rivalry, camaraderie, good company – these are all you need for a great bash!

Throwing a game day party is kind of a no-brainer, so we've come up with a few different options for said party.

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1. The classy pigskin shindig. You can stylize this event with some classic printables, neutral decor, and chic undertones. For food, you can customize some of the classic favorites by throwing in different ingredients. Check out these classic spin-off tailgate recipes here. Throw in some cocktails along with some good ol' brewskies, if you want to add alcohol to your shindig.

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2. The camaraderie bash. Does everyone in your community root for the same team? If so, host a color/team themed bash, and have a blast cheering on your team together! In my opinion, there is no overdoing it with team colors (aka: loyalty) when it comes to football. You can do colored cake, colored drinks, provide face/war paint, colored center pieces, colored balloons, or even provide colored hair spray. The more ridiculous, the more loyal the fan! Right?

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3. The (friendly) rivalry. Remember to keep this one friendly – we all know a guy/gal that can get a little too competitive, and it's usually not pretty. Pick a game that has a big rival (see Texas vs. OU in the flyer) and decorate everything half and half (cheese colors, drink colors, and hanging tissue football colors). Encourage everyone to dress in their team's colors/jerseys. You could even have some competition games of your own: baggo, pie in the face of the losing team, a hotdog eating contest, or award prizes for people who guess the closest score/spread!

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4. The philanthropic. You could make this an event for a good cause by providing the opportunity to "wager to help XX charity beat the odds" and "buy in" (provide a donation for said charity) by picking the winner of the game or the score spread. (For the record - we do NOT endorse gambling on the game and all donations should go to that charity.)

Here's a cool flyer you can download and customize, and we've got loads of idea starters, inspiration, and recipes for football-related things on our Fall Parties: Football Pinterest board! We would love to see what you do with your pigskin loving community, so be sure to tag us – @aptlife!


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