Breakfast Buffet


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If there's anything that CARES Teams excel at... it's breakfast events. It's like the core of our being... we LOVE serving breakfast. Let's face it, we LOVE eating breakfast too.

Breakfast events are great because you can do them on a budget (pancake mix and bananas are CHEAP), or you can go fancy, with waffle bars, omelette muffins, or build-your-own parfaits.

Tip: Don't forget the coffee and you'll have great success! ;)

Shout out to Callie & Andrew Clough (CARES Team at Chelsea 88 in Duluth, Georgia) for making the awesome flyer!

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Flyers: You can choose between two different options for flyers:  (1) a color, full-page flyer, and (2) a color, half-page flyer.


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