Build Your Own Caramel Apple Bar

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Need a simple idea to get people to gather together on a weeknight in the clubhouse? Or, need a food theme that pairs well with a fall activity? Try hosting a Build Your Own Caramel Apple Bar.


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 We've got some great caramel apple recipes and topping ideas over on our Pinterest board. Pair this event with our Pumpkin Carving Party, or move it off-site to a local pumpkin patch and host an exclusive/private photo opportunity for your residents and their friends.

Flyers: We have created two different flyer options for you - a full-page version and a half-page version. We have also left plenty of white space so you can add more event details as needed.

Click here to download a full-page flyer for this event.

Click here to download a half-page flyer for this event.

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