Bunting 101: 10 Ways to Dazzle Your Guests

Bunting is an easy way to add color to your food table and make your party festive. Here are 10 ways to make your own bunting, whether you're a seasoned sewer or a paper-and-glue kind of party planner:


Whether you already have fabric scraps lying around, or if you snag a coupon and run to your local fabric store, this bunting requires no sewing and leaves a big impression. This is a great project for kids to help with - just pop in a movie and start cutting scraps and tying them onto a piece of twine. Here's a great tutorial to walk you through the steps (Note - this can be time consuming if you're doing it by yourself. Also - be sure to tie your knots properly so they scraps lie flat).

This bunting was made for... wait for it... LESS THAN $4! That's music to these budget-conscious ears! If you don't sew, this paper bunting tutorial will have you creating decorations in less than an hour.

For a new spin on a traditional decoration, instead of using ribbon or twine, use washi tape to connect your bunting. This tutorial combines two of our favorite things - washi tape and burlap (swoon) - and is another fast, budget-friendly project for you busy party planners.

Tassel garlands: they're just so chic, aren't they? Here's a great tutorial that will show you how to turn a stack of tissue paper into a tassel masterpiece. You can experiment with different types of tissue paper, adding sparkles, shine, and fun colors to take that high-end event to the next level.

If you're not afraid to do a little simple sewing, these mini garlands are easy to make and can be stacked and combined to create some fun combinations. You can cut your shapes out of scrapbook paper, construction paper, or felt, and combining different textures will add a new visual dimension for your guests.

This may be the simplest way to tackle bunting - simply cut out your triangles, punch two holes at the top, and string some twine through. Add more interest by using unique papers (hit up the scrapbooking section of your local craft store, and don't forget to use a coupon), a book of maps... even wrapping paper works great.

Another no-sew option for your bunting - you can use the mini clothespins or the full-size variety, and this option works with felt, fabric, or paper. We love these little hearts by this blogger.

Raise your hand if you made chain bunting out of red and green construction paper for Christmas as a kid. Well, turns out you can do it as an adult, too! It becomes more sophisticated when you use pretty fabrics or scrapbook paper. Here's a tutorial.

Make your traditional bunting nontraditional by using it in an unexpected way... like on a tablecloth! This one is for a beginner sewer, and can be re-used over and over and over (pick fabrics that could work with several different party themes to get a bigger bang for your buck, and time investment). Here's everything you need to get started.

Thanks Pinterest for the cutest idea ever. The coffee filters add so much pretty texture, and it's perfect for our Princess Party or something else with a feminine theme.

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