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Here's another event that will save your budget and make your neighbors very happy. Invite people to stop by for a free car wash, a big glass of sweet tea, and some good conversation while they wait. Bring out the music and lawn chairs and create a relaxed neighborhood atmosphere where friendships are sure to form.

You can wash the cars yourself, or engage your local church or a group of friends to come out and help. If you have power available nearby, you can also offer to vacuum out cars and clean dashboards. Come prepared with plenty of trash bags for people to throw away those old fast food bags and cheerios that seem to multiply in back seats and floorboards.

Be sure to have flyers promoting your next event, and ask your local car washes to donate coupons for discounts on future car washes (or free car washes... free is always better).

For more ideas, check out our Car CARE event.

Flyers You can choose between two different options for flyers:

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