CARES Team Hacks

You’ve seen the Life Hacks, the Mom Hacks, the Laundry Hacks, and the Kitchen Hacks on Pinterest. Well, now we are pleased to present to you CARES Team Hacks – tips forCARES Teams, fromCARES Teams, to make life easier, save you money, and make your events even better.

1. Use the same color plates and cups for most events.

I found it was better for us to use the same color for plates and cups for most events. I wouldn’t end up with small batches of mixed colors, I was less likely to miss them being on sale, and residents associated certain colors with events. We had numerous residents tell us they’d forgotten about an event until they saw our blue plates. I tried to pick a color that matched the property’s logo as well. Managers would notice and like it. – Mindy Dumont

2. Use food signs.

Rachel Hendrick

{photo courtesy of Rachel}

It’s been really helpful for us to have food name signs at every event. There are the picture frames at Ikea/Michaels that we’ve used, and we’ve also used mini easels from Michaels ($2.99-$4.99). It’s great since they’re reusable, and then we don’t haveto keep saying what the food is at every event. Brown craft paper ($1 at Dollar Tree) has also been great for the “messier” food events or events with more than 5+ foods or options. We tape it to the top of a table cloth and write what we need to on it then throw it away. – Rachel Hendrick

3. Invest in reusable table cloths.

We invested in several colors of fabric table cloths, not just black and white. It gives each event a more upscale feel than the plastic ones, and adds color to the event without costing you money each time! - Rebecca Padgett

Instead of buying table cloths, shop for fabric at stores like Hobby Lobby (or JoAnn's or another craft store) and use a 40% off coupon. -Kristen La Plante

4. Balloons + Vases

Katie Morton

{photo courtesy of Katie}

Adding balloons and investing in some standing decorative vases help a ton to add levels and sparkle! - Katie Morton

5. Buy canned sodas instead of 2-liters.

This advice came from two different teams because (a) you can keep the leftovers and reuse them at your next event and (b) you don't have to buy cups to serve them in. - Joe Cross and Jackie Ratzlaff

6. Keep staples stocked.

drink from blackcurrant

We keep a stock of instant drink mixes (like Crystal Lite). They taste good & all you have to do is add water to make a whole pitcher - it's super fast. The different colors are also great to coordinate with different events AND look great in glass pitchers. Popcorn is also a pantry staple of ours. It's very easy to pop a few bags of popcorn and have it out for smaller events or jazz it up with pretzels/ m&ms for a snack mix. It's inexpensive and lasts for several events.  - John Nettles, Jr.

Stay tuned for more posts with CARES Team Hacks coming soon!

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