CARES Team Hacks - Part 2

If you missed our first CARES Team Hacks post, be sure to check it out for some awesome money-saving and time-saving ideas! Here's the second post in our series.

1. Promote your event with a Preview Table.


One other thing we do is have a "preview" set up the day of the event. We'll have a table set up with most of the decorations and a chalkboard sign advertising the event, so residents are reminded that it's happening. Plus it allows us to set up most of the decorations and a table, which cuts down on our set up time! - Rachel Hendrick

2. Buy in bulk.


A Costco/ Sam's Club membership is pretty essential. - John Nettles, Jr.

3. Shop online and pick up at the store.


Speaking of Sam's Club...

We just found out that you can order Sam's stuff online and pick up at the store! It's a lifesaver with a baby and a toddler! - Michelle Wingate (FYI - You can also do this at Walmart.)

4. Partner with vendors.


Partner with insurance companies, cable/internet providers, and banks to sponsor events. They can either give you money or purchase supplies you need. - Nate Thiry

5. Go small.


We quickly learned to buy the smaller dinner plates to help control portions and make the food go further. We also learned that serving food not only seemed hospitable to residents, but made the food go twice as far. - Bethany Priebe

6. Invest in to-go boxes.


To-go boxes are a great investment for us. That way, if we have a ton of food left over at an event, we can send it home, drop it off to the shut-ins, or offer it to the office. - Laura Howery

(PS - We found some to-go boxes online here, here, and here.)

7. Join the chalkboard trend. Everybody's doing it.

menu board

Buy a reusable chalkboard and chalk markers. It looks nice and you can advertise easily at each event to "save the date" for the next event. Also, invest in a burlap table runner. It looks great with any budget. - Lauren Pendergrass

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