CARES Team Spotlight - Chuck and Toni from Phoenix

Chuck Toni

Meet Chuck & Toni, the CARES Team at Verano Townhomes in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why did you decide to become a CARES Team?

We just really enjoy people!  We love meeting new people and learning their stories.  Our children are the same because we have always wanted to get to know our neighbors. We believe it is important to know the people who live around you.  You never know when you may need a helping hand, and that hand can only be offered if the need is known.


What events have been your favorites?

Our first Parent's Night Out is one we won't forget!  We had over 30 children and made homemade pizzas, it was so much fun and such a crazy night!  Our monthly Pancake Breakfast is our number one favorite because it is the one that is most regularly attended.  It is a casual event where we get to spend time with residents and learn more about them.  It also reaches every resident at any stage in life.  We have also loved Movie by the Pool, we have a huge turnout for this event and our residents love it!


Got any cool stories of how your CARING has impacted a particular resident or family?

Shortly after we started as a CARES Team, tragedy hit a family in our community.  A husband and father in his 20s suddenly passed away.  His wife had two small children and a baby on the way.  She was devastated.  We contacted everyone we knew who could help by bringing meals and donating money.  We collected enough to cover a month of rent for her and provided many, many meals.  Even the office staff stepped up and donated diapers for the new baby.  It was a time to rally a community around a neighbor!

Pancake Breakfast 4-12 003

What’s your best advice to fellow CARES Teams?

Clear your schedule of as much as you can that is not family, work and CARES.  Really spend time in your community and make friends there!  We have made some of our closest friends through serving them as a CARES Team, and we know we'll be friends for a long time to come.


Chuck and Toni, you are a great example of what CARING is all about. Thanks for sharing your story!

If you or someone you know would make a great CARES Team in your community, fill out a Quick Application online and we'll have someone contact you with more information.