Christmas Gift Ideas for Property Managers

Our CARES Teams love their property managers, and we want them to have an AMAZING Christmas gift to show our appreciation... without breaking the bank. And so, we came up with some fun ideas for affordable and fun gift ideas for managers (or for anybody else on your Christmas list). All of our ideas can be found on our Manager Gifts board on Pinterest.


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Gift baskets are always a hit. We've found some great tutorials for a Date Night Spaghetti Basket, an Ice Cream Sundae in a Box, and a Gift Wrap Caddy, perfect to give early in the holiday season.


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If you're more of the DIY/handy/artistic type, then we've got some beautiful ideas for DIY chalkboards, picture frames, and more that will make the perfect accessory for an office or home.


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Our CARES Teams are very familiar with gifts in jars, but we've got a Pinterest board full of new ideas and free printable labels. You can also check our Gift-A-Mug board for more ideas.


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Stationery is one of those gifts that are so practical but feels luxurious. Etsy has many options for personalized stationery so you can find something that perfectly fits his or her personality.


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Your local craft store is a great first place to start. However, for those busy CARES Teams who don't have time to go fight the crowds, Amazon is a great place to find jars, chalkboard labels, chalkboard pens, etc. Even when shopping in a physical store, pull up your Amazon App on your phone and do a price comparison to make sure you get the best deal possible.

CARES Teams - what are your other awesome ideas for property manager gifts? Tell us in the comments below!

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