Christmas: Gift Wrapping Party

Gift Wrapping

Our CARES Teams have told us that gift wrapping parties have been a huge hit at their properties around Christmas. There are several ways to do this event:

  • Ask your residents to bring their own wrapping paper; you provide scissors, tape, twine, ribbon, and accessories.
  • You can choose to provide everything. You can usually find discounted wrapping paper at the local Dollar Store. (also another use for that butcher paper you may have on-hand after this party)
  • Combine the gift wrapping with a Build Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar or serve S'mores.
  • Put a Christmas movie on in the background, or play Christmas music.
  • Surprise your guests with an unannounced visit from Santa.
  • Teach your guests how to make awesome bows. Don't know how? There's a YouTube video for that (okay, there's 5,290,000 YouTube videos for that).
  • Provide a kids' table with supplies for kids to make something for their parents, or provide crayons and Christmas coloring pages (there are plenty here).

Got other ideas? We'd love to hear about them in the Comments section below!

Flyers: We have two different options for flyers for this event.

Full-page flyer  |  Half-page flyer

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