Coffee on the Rocks


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On those hot summer days, trade in your hot coffee for something cool. Perk your residents up with a Coffee on the Rocks party and breathe new life into an old favorite. This can be done as a drive-by/gate event, a coffee and dessert party, or you use this as your food for another event. It's cheap, sophisticated, and fun, and the display options are endless.

Don't know the difference between an iced mocha and ice dancing? We've got everything you'll need over on our Pinterest board.


With CARES, we don't just host a party, we think through even the smallest of details. Things like  chalkboard menus, live music,  coffee themed treats, fresh biscotti, or offering a variety of flavored syrups and creamers (in cute containers of course - never the original branded container), make your guests feel like you thought of every detail. Because, well... you did.

Flyer: Click here to download a full page color flyer.


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