Color Party: Red


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Spice up your community with a fiery RED Party! As with the other color parties, the name of the game for this event is making EVERYTHING RED... think red food, red decorations, and red clothes.

Decoration Ideas: In addition to red table cloths, streamers, flowers, and balloons, look for red furniture (I bet you know someone you could borrow from), red artwork, and use your red food as decorations by displaying them in pretty glass containers.

Food Ideas: Hot Tamales, Twizzlers and Fire Balls for the candy dishes, and apples and strawberries for the healthy trays. And of course... chips and salsa.  

Activity Ideas: You could host a poker night with red playing cards, or grab some red striped popcorn boxes for a movie night gone RED (maybe The Hunt for Red October?). If your residents are of the dancing variety, offer salsa lessons.


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Flyers: You can choose between two different options for flyers:  (1) a color, full-page flyer, and (2) a color, half-page flyer.


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