Community Bike Ride

community bike ride

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 Promote health, fitness and FUN with your very own Community Bike Ride. Make this an easy ride appropriate for all ages - this isn't one of those hard-core long-distance rides, but a leisurely activity the whole family can enjoy together. Find a fun route near your community, and set up a water and snack station either at the half-way point, or back at your starting point. Provide healthy snacks (apples, granola bars, gatorade, water) and encourage your riders to get to know the others in the group. Who knows, this could be the start of some new bike-riding friendships.

Event Type: Fitness

Food/Non-Food: Food

Target Group: Misc. Adults/Seniors/Single Adults/Women/Men/Children/Families

Seasonal: Any time of year

Event Scope: Breadth

Have you done an event like this in the past? If so, share your best practices with us in the comments section.