CPR Certification Course


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Build community and save lives at the same time by hosting a CPR Certification Course.

Contact your local fire department and ask them if they offer a course. Most will have someone who goes to local businesses and schools to teach a class. You can also contact your community hospital (ask for the Education Department) and ask them for a good contact. If those don't work, go to the Red Cross website and search for classes in your community.

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This event is perfect for those who don't have a good onsite meeting space because it can be easily hosted at a public library or other community meeting space, and the cost to you is almost nothing. The class may also attract people who don't normally attend.

Students will pay the teacher directly.

Provide snacks and drinks, and be sure to bring info promoting your next CARES event. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

Flyers: You can choose between two different options for flyers:  (1) a color, full-page flyer, and (2) a color, half-page flyer.


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