Decorating on a Budget - 5 Ways to Use Balloons

If you're trying to throw a fabulous event on a shoe string budget, then you've got to get creative with your decorations. Going BIG with balloons can add color and fill the space without emptying out your wallet.

1. Balloons as Centerpieces:

Whether you go with traditional groupings or try something new, just remember that your centerpieces should either be low enough to see over, or high enough that your guests can still talk across the table without craning their necks. After all, good conversation is the most important goal of the party, right?




2. Hang 'Em on the Wall

Create a dramatic backdrop for your food table by attaching a large number of balloons to the wall. Whether you choose to go monochromatic or employ a variety of colors, it's an easy way to grab your guests' attention. These also work perfectly for a homemade photo booth backdrop.



3. Jumbo Balloons

With jumbo balloons, a little (excuse the pun) can go a long way.

       jumbo balloons


4. Balloons on a String

This is a simple way to think outside the box. It works great for an outdoor event, or string them in a doorway or hang behind your food table.


5.  Fill the Ceiling

It's not just for junior high dances - everyone loves a ceiling full of balloons. You can use helium, or dangle them from a string. It's an instant way to set the mood for fun.


For more ideas, visit our Decorating with Balloons board on Pinterest.


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