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If you live in the fabulously diverse city of Austin, you have probably visited the "Top 25 things to do in Austin" list, or made a visit to the infamous SXSW music/interactive/film festival (or avoided it like the plague). Maybe you love visiting the natural water hole and want to go back, or have never been but have been waiting for just the right time.  I have some very fond memories of visiting San Antonio. If you want Mexican food, this is THE place to go. You can eat it off of a truck, in a swanky restaurant, or along the river watching baby ducks paddle by. It's a city full of history and culture just begging to be explored.

Houston is huge and booming! From the bustling downtown, to the lush suburbs, there is something for everyone here. You can shop till you drop at the galleria, then go cheer on the Houston Rockets (unless, of course, you're a Spurs fan). It's also the best city to live in America, according to Business Insider!

As a CARES Team in our South Texas region, you have the privilege of helping your residents get to know and fall in love with this part of the country. You may even get to know it better yourself!

We have created special pinterest boards for Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, full of information about what's going on: city calendar of events to inform/invite people to, top restaurants where you could host an exclusive happy hour, local shops to visit, great vendors to potentially partner with, breweries to invite to your events, and more!

If you live in one of these cities or surrounding areas, leave comments to let us know where your favorite spots are!

Keep it Texan!

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