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Are you spending hours designing, editing, printing, and (last but certainly not least) hanging flyers? If you don't hang them, your [very beloved] maintenance workers/porters do! I remember these days as a part of my CARES service... climbing hundreds of flights of stairs to serve our residents and distribute a piece of paper I worked so hard on that promoted a fantastic event and led to amazing community building & life change! This idea probably won't replace flyers completely, but will offer some help promoting your fabulous events (and maybe save you a few extra steps). We love this idea for several reasons and want to give some super Kudos to Kelly (a CARES Team member at Elan Midtown in Charleston, SC) for the amazing job she did with these chalkboard signs!

Reason #1 we love chalkboard signs: It can be inexpensive (and fun!). You can choose to make your own, if you're {DIY}-ey, using a variety of frames, corkboards, mirrorsthrift store finds, etc. Or, you can purchase chalkboards from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels, etc. for a fairly reasonable price. Both options cut down your paper/ink costs significantly. This leads us to...

Reason #2 we love chalkboard signs: They're r-e-u-s-a-b-l-e. Think green, sustainable, hugging trees, that sort of thing. <3

Reason #3 we love chalkboard signs: Everybody's doing it [solid reasoning]!

What you'll need:

  • Store bought, {DIY}-ed, repurposed chalkboard of some sort.
  • Chalk: This blog recommends simple white Crayola chalk from the Dollar Store.
  • Chalk Ink/Markers: Starbucks uses these (well reviwed but a little pricy), you can find them at Hobby Lobby/Walmart, or you can make your own.
  • Our Pinterest board for some great ideas, ways to use color, font tutoirlas, and helpful tips and tricks!

Don't forget to post pictures of your signs on Instagram and tag us @aptlife #CARESteam!



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