Fall Harvest

The thought of autumn just fills me with joy. I live for sweater weather (the clothing piece and the candle scent), fires, and spice smells. What's your favorite thing about the fall? If you're a mom, it might be that school starts! If you're a football fan, it might be the start of the season. There are a zillion reasons to be excited for this season, in my opinion. Here's a more traditional fall event with some fun, themed activities and decor. I chose leaves as a theme because I'm a leaf lover... Especially when they're full of Autumn colors. You could also do apples, hay, corn, gourds, or any combination.

Harvest drcor
leaves decor

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Like I said, I chose leaves. You could collect some real autumn leaves from outside (cost $0.00) to use or purchase some artificial ones from a local craft store (don't forget your coupon). You can make this as fancy and involved, or simple and low key as your heart desires. Above are a few examples from our Pinterest board.


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Click on the picture of the yummy food above for some fabulous fall recipes - rich butternut squash, stews, candied things, and so much yum! If your budget is large and in-charge, you could consider catering in or partnering with a local restaurant/chef so your guests can dine on fall-inspired eats.

kids crafts

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If you are going to have little ones at your event, we've got oodles of crafty things, songs, and activities for them on our Pinterest board. Some are simple, some have glue, and we've even got some fun stuff for the wee-bitty ones. Leaves are a fun, tactile activity for kiddos to crunch, color, and throw!


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I'm a drink kinda girl - I'd much rather consume my calories in liquid form. We've found some fun recipes for fall flavors to devour including fennel, cinnamon water, and pear things. Most are non-alcoholic, but if you're looking for some adult beverage inspiration, check out our Fall Cocktail Party Pinterest Board

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For this event, you could do the traditional bobbing-for-apples-like activities or you could do some fun crafty things with leaves. We found some simple and some more involved. You could even include some of these in your event decor if you wanted to. Be sure to tag us  (@aptlife) in your photos on Instagram - We can't wait to see all of your fall things!

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