Last-Minute Tips for Super Bowl Parties

Rebecca Padgett With the Super Bowl just days away, our CARES Teams are busy planning their watching parties. Here's a few last-minute ideas to make your party a memorable one. (Click on the photo to be linked to the original source.)


Printables are inexpensive ways to turn your food table into a work of art. There are several FREE options on our Super Bowl Pinterest board - go check them out.



Another party secret - turn something normal (like candy) into something spectacular (like Time Out Treats). Giving something a name and displaying it in a unique way makes a huge difference with your guests.



Remember to have something for your guests who aren't football fans. Some people wouldn't know a Super Bowl from a soup bowl, so find something that those guests can enjoy. Try playing Super Bowl Commercial BINGO, or simply set up a seating area where people can chat without distracting the die-hard fans.


For more ideas, visit our Nacho Average Tailgate Party post and our Pinterest board.



What are some of your best Super Bowl Party ideas? Leave your ideas in the comments to help inspire other CARES Teams.


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