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Charleston, SC. Um, can I please live here? It's absolutely breathtaking. There is so much going on in the low country that the experts advise against driving it. If you're a local, plan a day where you ride your bike, take a shuttle, or just stroll to each of your destinations. In my opinion, being car-less from time to time is good for the soul. We can reconnect with the outdoors, get some exercise, and see things we usually wouldn't see when we're speeding past at 40 mph. You won't want to miss our Pinterest board for Charleston – we've found some pretty great best-kept-secrets. Good ol' Music City - the thought of Nashville, TNjust warms my heart, y'all. The southern hospitality this region is known for makes me feel welcome just writing about it. There's just so much music to digest! Nashville is our newest region, and we are super excited about joining the community.

Charlotte, NC is growing by the day, literally. Local and big businesses are booming and bringing the crowds with them, and all the while, The Queen City still manages to keep its southern, historic character. Talk about diverse things to explore!

Not only do we have Pinterest boards full of what's going on in your city, but each site usually has social media sites of their own to follow. That's where you're going to get the most detailed and up to date events and spots. So, be sure to follow your city/neighborhood on social media. You can also look for apps that feature "best kept secret" spots around town.

We hope you have enjoyed our regional series – introducing all of the fantastic regions we have CARES Teams in! We hope it helps each of you, CARES Team or not, get to know your city better and truly feel like you belong.

Happy belonging in your city!

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