Pancakes and Pajamas

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Take a regular pancake breakfast and add a fun twist by making it a pajama party! Whether your property is mostly families or millennials, everybody likes an excuse to show up in their PJs.

We have collected all sorts of breakfast ideas for you over on our Pinterest page. Check out our Pancake Breakfast board and our Brunches board.



We found some easy recipes for pancake pops and cinnamon roll pancakes.



 And of course, you might want to throw in a coffee bar for those coffee lovers in your community.


Thanks to Tara and Sean, CARES Team at Woodfield Long Point in South Carolina for submitting the idea for this event. They recently hosted their own Christmas Pancakes & Pajamas party, and it was a hit with their residents.

CARES Teams, I know you throw lots of pancake breakfasts. What are your best tips for the newer teams looking to think outside the box skillet?

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