Pastries and Paperbacks


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Looking for a way to support your community? Consider hosting a book drive for your local hospital, library, women's shelter, or school. Before planning your event, contact the organization directly to see if they need books and what restrictions they have.

For the actual event, it can be as simple as pastries and coffee on a Saturday morning, or you can make it more elaborate by adding fancier baked goods, decorations, and a full coffee bar. A few ideas include:

  • Ask your local bakery to provide free pastries in exchange for promotion.
  • Find a fun way to display your baked goods - try stacked cake stands or create different levels by stacking books and putting nice serving dishes on top.
  • Create a coffee bar with syrups, toppings, and more. (Yes, we have a Pinterest board for that.)
  • Consider providing your guests with a small gift in exchange for their donation. Again, you could ask a local vendor to provide a nicely packaged cookie or baked good, a coupon to a local book store or restaurant, etc.

If your community is full of book lovers, you should also check out our Build a Library Book Drive event post where your residents can help you build a library for your residents to enjoy onsite.

Flyers: We have created a half-page flyer that you can download here.

PS - We got this idea from one of our CARES Teams, but now we can't remember who it was. If this was you or someone you know, leave us a comment because we'd love to give them credit for their awesome idea!

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