Pumpkin Carving Party

A pumpkin carving party is the perfect CARES event. You can make it kid-friendly or for grown-ups, you can do it on a shoe string budget or make it as elaborate as you want. It's something that's on everybody's fall bucket list, but if you're like me, the holiday tends to sneak up on you, and next thing you know it's the day before Halloween and you still don't have a jack-o-lantern. Here's the solution!

We've created a Pinterest board with ideas of how to spice up your party so you can get "glowing" reviews from your guests. Here are a few easy tips...

pumpkin carving party


1. It's all about presentation. Display your pumpkin carving tools on a pretty tray or in stylish containers. You could use mason jars, galvanized buckets, or pretty vases.



2. Have a place for the seeds and "guts" to go. Again, pretty containers can be your friend and are so much more fun than a regular trash can. Plus, your guests may want to take seeds home with them to roast and eat later! (This is another great use for that butcher paper you bought after this blog post).



3. In addition to fall-themed foods (PS - there's a Pinterest board for that!), look for other ways to pull in your fall/Halloween theme. Something as simple as these googly-eyed solo cups can put a smile on your guests' faces.

During your party, make sure to take lots of pictures - they make perfect content for your community's Facebook page! You can also invite your guests to vote for their favorite pumpkin and offer prizes.


Flyers: We have created two different flyer options for you - a full-page version and a half-page version. We have also left plenty of white space so you can add more event details as needed.

Click here to download a full-page flyer for this event.

Click here to download a half-page flyer for this event.

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