Southwest, The Beautiful

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Southern California (SoCal) is completely fascinating to me. The diversity is endless, the sights are breathtaking, and everyone wants to be there. The list of things to do in this area of our great nation is pretty much endless. We've tried to compile a list of great links to some unusual things, local places, and important stuff to do, see, and try. From redwoods, to a shipwreck hike, to East Jesus – there are tons of spots to introduce to your residents, and help them get to know this inspirational and eclectic place!

Second to Austin, TX, the Denver, CO area is one of my favorite spots. Once I adjust to the altitude, there is so much going on! The people of this region are healthy, they're active, and they know how to have a great time.

Arizona: Home of amazing spas and lots of gorgeous cacti. The Native American tradition here is just as rich as the red rocks... both begging to be explored. We've found some "secret" spots in Phoenix & Flagstaff, so check them out. Your residents would probably love to learn about the nooks and crannies too!

Here's to all of our incredible CARES Teams – exploring and belonging in our beautiful Southwest region! We hope you get to know your city a little better, and bring some residents along with you so they can belong too. Be sure to use our Pinterest boards to find out what's going on in and around your city!

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