Water Balloon War!

Water Balloon War

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Beat the heat with a Water Balloon War and leave no resident dry! Everybody, regardless of age, loves a good water balloon fight!

You're going to need a lot of balloons. A LOT of balloons. And filling those balloons will be a big job, so invite some friends along to help.  Fill up as many water balloons as your fingers can handle and bring large buckets to carry them all.

Here are a few game ideas to play before the madness begins. When it's time for war, ensure people are split up into fair teams,  or divide by age. If you have a lot of kids in your community, you might want to have a separate, less intense game for them. Watch the balloon amount given to each game so that you don't run out on the first one.

Once the balloons are gone, the fun is not over! Have sponges out for kids to play with and water guns for battles to continue. Set out a sprinkler for people to jump through, or for the ultimate entertainment... a Slip 'N Slide. Kids (and who are we kidding... adults too!) love playing with shaving cream as well.

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