Yappy Hour - Pet Mixer

Yappy Hour

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For your more shy residents, a pet is the perfect ice breaker. Use those pets to your advantage with Yappy Hour - a mixer for dog lovers who may just end up as friends by the end of the party.

The concept is simple - set up a few tables on a green space in your complex, and put out appetizers and drinks. Be sure to have someone guard the table so your furry guests don't steal any of the people food. Add some water bowls on the ground and a few baskets of various types of dog treats for owners to pamper their pooches, and crank up the music. It's going to be a barking good party.

Other ideas to wow your guests:

-Make homemade dog treats

-Use a unique display for the dog treats, such as stackable cake stands.

-Provide dog treat party favors as guests leave

-Hold a drawing for dog accessories - ask a local pet store to donate unique collars, water/food bowls, leashes, or a dog training class.

For more ideas (and recipes for some really cool dog treats) check out our Misc. Adults page on Pinterest.


Event Type: Party

Food/Non-Food: Food

Target Group: Misc. Adults/Seniors/Single Adults/Women/Men

Seasonal: Any time of year

Event Scope: Breadth

Have you done an event like this in the past? If so, share your best practices with us in the comments section.