Olympic Pool Party

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Olympic Pool Party

The Olympics is the one sporting event that everyone loves, no matter their age, gender, nationality, or income. It brings people together as they cheer for their favorite athletes and dream about one day achieving greatness.

Your residents will already be tuned in, so this is the perfect opportunity to generate excitement for a community-wide viewing party. Pick an evening and set up a movie projector at the pool so your residents can watch from their favorite pool float or lounge chair. As you wait for the sun to set, host a Children’s Water Olympics with various pool relays and award gold medals to winners. Once the show starts, kick back and relax as everyone enjoys a unique Olympic experience while sipping on a cold drink under the stars.

In addition to the traditional pool food of burgers or hot dogs, serve Olympic-themed dishes including Gold Medal Lemonade, Go for the Gold Margaritas, American Flag Fruit Skewers, Patriotic Pretzels, and All-American Apple Pie with ice cream. Use red, white, and blue decorations and disposables.

More Information:

Links to photos of American Flag Fruit Skewers  and Patriotic Pretzels.

Here is a list of pool games for the Children’s Water Olympics. Purchase inexpensive gold medals at your local party store or dollar store.

When renting the projector, make sure to also rent long cabling to run from your television source.

Ways to add your own flair:

Instead of cooking out, hire a local food truck to cater.

If you can’t set up a projector at the pool, host an indoor party in your clubhouse.


Event Type: Party, Pool Party

Food/Non-Food: Food

Target Group: Misc. Adults/Families/Children/Seniors/Single Adults/Women/Men

Seasonal: Summer

Event Scope: Breadth

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