Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck

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This quick and easy event will be a hit with your residents on a hot summer day. Decorate a community golf cart, load it up with coolers and drive around your property handing out ice cream bars to residents who are out and about. Be sure to post a CARES Team sign or banner on your cart and wear a branded CARES logo shirt or nametag to identify yourself to residents. Play family-friendly music on the cart to make it more festive. After driving around the complex, park your cart near the pool and hand out leftovers to swimmers.

Be sure to hand out only pre-wrapped ice cream bars or popsicles. Make sure you have your manager's permission to drive the golf cart.  A quick instructional lesson on starting, driving, and parking the cart is mandatory.


Decorations can be found at your local party supply shop.

Food: large coolers with ice, frozen treats (push ups, popsicles, ice pops, ice cream cups, ice cream sandwiches, etc.)

Signage: Invest in a “Sponsored by CARES Team” banner that you can attach to this cart and also use at other community events. You can download this file and send it to a sign/banner company.

Event Type: Drive-by

Food/Non-Food: Food

Target Group: Misc. Adults/Seniors/Single Adults/Women/Men/Children/Families

Seasonal: Spring/Summer

Event Scope: Breadth

Have you done an event like this in the past? If so, share your best practices with us in the comments section.